Growing up, “technology” wasn’t my thing. I preferred the newspaper that was at the bottom of my driveway every day and the Sports Illustrated that was in my mailbox every Thursday or Friday (I silently cursed the U.S. Mail every time SI wasn’t delivered on Thursday).

But I like to consider myself open-minded. I decided to give coding a shot in college. Here was The New Media Institute, a certificate program housed at UGA’s Grady College, giving me a chance to develop useful skills I couldn’t have learned otherwise. So I took the chance and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve learned HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress and little bit of JavaScript. But the most important thing I learned had nothing to do with coding: I refined my knack for problem solving. In the sports journalism field, that will serve me well.

It hasn’t been that long since Sports Illustrated delivered weekly issues. Now it’s monthly. The media environment has changed, and I expect it to change even more rapidly in the coming years. Because of the NMI, I feel prepared and ready to take advantage.

All my coding work can be found in the tab labeled “NMIX 4110”.