Derek Ogbeide

Georgia men’s basketball forward Derek Ogbeide carries on royal family legacy

Feb. 28, 2019

Derek Ogbeide claims a few important titles: He is a forward for the Georgia men’s basketball team and one of the best rebounders in school history. But in his father’s homeland, he has a very different title.

In Benin City, Nigeria, Ogbeide is known as Prince Derek.

The senior is a member of the royal Ogbeide-Ihama family, according to Ogbeide’s father Martin Ogbeide.

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Chief J. Ogbeide Ihamah
Derek Ogbeide, a senior on the UGA men’s basketball team, is related to a former Oba of the Benin Kingdom (pictured above). Photo courtesy Martin Ogbeide
Derek Ogbeide alternated between living with his mother and father during his childhood. Photo courtesy Martin Ogbeide