SUMMARY: The media environment has changed, and I expect it to change even more rapidly in the coming years. Because of Grady’s New Media Institute, I feel prepared, ready to take advantage and provide value.

I’ve learned HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress and little bit of JavaScript. Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned, however, has had nothing to do with coding: I’ve rediscovered a love for problem solving and the importance of innovation.

Old-fashioned, boots-on-the-ground reporting is still going to be my bread and butter. But whenever I provide content, I have to remember what I’m competing with: short TikTok videos, endless Twitter feeds, etc.

The NMI ensures its students know how to make a good presentation. The key? Visuals. This is a lesson I can take beyond Powerpoint and into the newsroom.

COURSES: I took a total of four courses in the New Media Institute plus two electives. I began the journey by learning about the history of new media and the geniuses that got us to this digital world. For the purposes of this portfolio, I will ignore that class since it didn’t have any deliverables.

In NMIX 4110, I started learning the languages required to make my own contributions to this digital reality. In reverse order, here are the websites I created:

  •  Mailchimp and Google Analytics are embedded into this faux news site.
  • Using WordPress, I made another faux news site, a faux commerce site (the clocks aren’t actually for sale!) and a site advertising an existing app.
  • Using the open-source code from Bootstrap, I created this website highlighting the beauty of “The Friendly Confines”.
  • This website was coded with nothing but my hands and my brain. Not anything too fancy, but it was fun to make.

In NMIX 4220, over 100 students and I gathered virtually every Friday to listen to guest speakers discuss their new media careers. I also completed several certificates.

  • I became Google Analytics certified. This means I now understand the basics surrounding data collection and interpretation. I can also implement and measure digital marketing campaigns.
  • The results from this personality test: I’m extraverted and future-oriented.

In NMIX 4510, my groupmates and I collaborated on a project with United Way of Northeast Georgia. Its 2-1-1 database connects families with needed goods and services. Trouble was, the website didn’t look good and didn’t function properly, especially on mobile. We were happy to re-design it. I served as the head of content, writing copy for the site.

In JOUR 3390 (an elective), I used most of the skills I learned in NMIX 4110 and applied them to a journalism coding class. Unfortunately, I can’t locate the files for the websites. Here is an image of my final project, though.

In JOUR 3380 (another elective), I learned the ins-and-outs of Adobe Illustrator. Here is one of my graphics.