Covering news during a pandemic while cooped up in the house is frankly exhausting. But I transitioned to the news desk the fall of my senior year knowing it would be. I wanted to try something new, and the editors wanted me.

I nerd out over narrative journalism, and while generally depressing, this year’s news cycle at UGA and in Athens has been fraught with drama and storytelling possibilities. The news desk improved my skills, and I hope I can take them with me to whatever job I can earn.

The story behind Linnentown

Hattie Thomas Whitehead remembers her time in Linnentown fondly. She lived in the Black Athens community for the first 14 years of her life.

Doubling down

The University of Georgia again told faculty to refrain from independently reporting a student’s positive COVID-19 test to their classmates, according to an email obtained by The Red & Black.

Something in the water

Every Tuesday around 8 a.m., Megan Lott begins her route around Athens’ wastewater treatment facilities. She collects samples and tests them for SARS-CoV-2.

Fun and games

The carnival employees had little else to do but sit and wait. Business was slow on Thursday evening in Athens. Some workers looked at their phones. Others talked amongst themselves.

Confusion in education

On July 6, teachers and staff in the Clarke County School District received an email that included answers to some frequently asked questions. It didn’t answer one of their primary questions.