Through the New Media Institute at UGA’s Grady College, I’ve learned HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress and little bit of JavaScript. Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned, however, has had nothing to do with coding: I’ve rediscovered a love for problem solving and the importance of innovation.

The media environment has changed, and I expect it to change even more rapidly in the coming years. Because of the NMI, I feel prepared, ready to take advantage and provide value.

Coding Portfolio:

1. I’ve become a relative expert on WordPress which would serve me well if I worked at a news outlet that uses WordPress as its Content Managing System. I made a faux news website, and I installed Mailchimp and Google Analytics onto my site.

2. Using WordPress, I made another faux news site, a faux commerce site (the clocks aren’t actually for sale!) and a site advertising an existing app.

3. For this project, we were supposed to code a website using the open-source code from Bootstrap. The content was left up to us. Here is the final edition of my site:

4. This website was coded nothing but my hands and my brain. Not anything too fancy, but it was fun to make.